Used Euro Pallets

We supply a large number of used euro pallets to companies across the nation.  We are located near the port and receive these on a regular basis to be able to supply companies with the needed supply.  These are typically used one time to bring in products from Europe and then we get them to redistribute to our customers.  Basically, these are close to new pallets which have only been used one time.

Export Pallets

If you are shipping to Europe, you need to either use a Euro pallet or a CP (Chemical Pallet)  This will ensure you do not receive disposal charges once your product arrives in Europe.  Any pallets that do not meet the specifications for entering the pool of pallets in Europe will be destroyed and, the charges will be billed to back to you.  Call us to get more information on how to ship to Europe successfully.

Euro Pallets by the Truckload

  • Able to Service Large Used Pallet Customers
  • Quality Control Processes in Place
  • Many Grades to Choose From
  • Dedicated Trucks to Ensure On Time Orders
  • Give Us A Call To Save Money With Used Pallets!
Used Pallet
We have bought pallets from CPP for many years and have received nothing but outstanding service.
John, Major Food Manufacturer
As a Supply Chain Executive it’s terrific when you find the level of service that Custom Packaging brings to your organization.  The staff at CP take the important tasks seriously, they deliver on time, with quality and pricing second to none. They accept challenges and work side by side with you until a workable solution is found.  As a strategic partner that has your back and will help build a bridge that is watching out for your supply needs, CP is one of the best you’ll find.
Bob, Major Food Manufacturer
My position as a Purchasing Buyer requires me to have a supplier that I can depend on. I have used Custom Packaging for many years and they have always been able to meet our busy manufacturing needs. They have proven to be very knowledgeable, dependable, proactive and supportive. The customer service team is second to none and I hope to do business with them for many years to come!
Vicki, Chemical Manufacturer