Plastic Pallets

New and Used Plastic Pallets 

Whether you are in a closed loop system or need pallets for shipping overseas, we can supply either new or used plastic pallets.  We carry solid top pallets and nestable ones in many different sizes and configurations.

We are able to find any new or used pallet you may need
We can usually find pallets in your area to limit shipping cost
We are able to ship either full truck loads or a much smaller amount.
  • Able to Supply all Types of Plastic Pallets
  • Common Used Plastic Pallet Sizes
  • 100% Recyclable pallets
  • Dedicated Trucks to Ensure On Time Orders
  • Give Us A Call To Save Money With Used Plasitc Pallets!

Nestable pallets are well suited for most applications where the cargo being shipped is not extremely heavy.  They are perfect for lighter shipments where pallets are needed and can cost much less than solid top plastic pallets.

Solid top or solid top and bottom pallets will last much longer in a closed system, as they are more durable and will take more abuse.  Also, some can interchange out pieces of the pallet, so they can be repaired to last even longer.

My position as a Purchasing Buyer requires me to have a supplier that I can depend on. I have used Custom Packaging for many years and they have always been able to meet our busy manufacturing needs. They have proven to be very knowledgeable, dependable, proactive and supportive. The customer service team is second to none and I hope to do business with them for many years to come!
Vicki, Chemical Manufacturer
We have purchased pallets from CPP for many years and have received nothing but outstanding service.
John, Major Food Manufacturer
As a Supply Chain Executive it’s terrific when you find the level of service that Custom Packaging brings to your organization.  The staff at CP take the important tasks seriously, they deliver on time, with quality and pricing second to none. They accept challenges and work side by side with you until a workable solution is found.  As a strategic partner that has your back and will help build a bridge that is watching out for your supply needs, CP is one of the best you’ll find.
Bob, Major Food Manufacturer